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About Us


Zenana (zeh-naa-naa) is a wholesale clothing manufacturing company based in downtown Los Angeles Fashion District working with factories overseas. We offer must-have basics and trendy basics. We always continue to research and develop fabrics as well as designs to provide our customers with the best quality clothing at an affordable price.

We offer live-sales from our showroom location in downtown Los Angeles, please contact us to schedule your appointment.

We strive to achieve our goals: Sustainable, Ethical, and Affordable.

  • Sustainable: Our styles are not designed for fast fashion. People can wear them for longer periods of time. Also, we use quality fabrics for durability, to prevent waste, and to protect the environment.
  • Ethical: Our profits are minimal to provide our customers with the best prices and we do not charge extra for shipping.
  • Affordable: We strive to keep our prices low to provide our customers with value and affordability for all items.


TEL: 213-748-1145